About Us



 Who is AFROPUFF™ is a brand, an attitude, and product line based on the alternate persona of Artreprenuer Adah Glenn that is inspired out of her life & work as the street artist known as AfroPuff. AFROPUFF™ features a ready to wear line of artware that consists of: T-Shirts,Greeting cards, Prints, Toys, Books, Ceramics, Textiles & Accessories.


 Established in 1992 out of the ashes of the L.A. Riots, The concept behind AFROPUFF™ reflects the city of its origin -- Los Angeles. Lost Angels, Vampires, Hustlers, Sharks & Dreamers bound with passion and love for the Game. AFROPUFF™ is the complex mix of hope in the face of despair, Authenticity in the face of Artifice. It is the precious exclusivity of one of a kind, in lieu of mass consumerism, and is Bourgeois yet Street, Scary Cute & Always Unique.